However, it is the stuff going down the washer (lint) which might be clogging it up. If it gets bad enough, it might stop altogether. McGuyver called (my wife) and suggested I put one of her knee high stockings over the drain out hose and attach it with a zip tie and just leave it hooked over the sink. Virginia Kearney (author) from United States on March 02, 2017: Hi Hollie-If by the pipe area behind the washer you mean that the pipe that is pumping used water out of the washer into the wall is overflowing then you probably have the problem I described. Another sign of a sewer drain issue happens when waste backs up into another pipe when you flush the toilet or use a washing machine. It sounds to me like you have a clog a ways down the drain. Phil Plasma from Montreal, Quebec on September 03, 2011: We've been fortunate so far and have not had our laundry drain pipe back up. We had this happen today and I did not want to call a plumber or wake my husband so me and my son did some troubleshooting. We struggled so long with this problem that I wanted to share what we learned so that other people could avoid the problems and damage if possible! now we’re concerned with its ability to catch debris. I do have to clean that one after every load or two. I went through a lot of plumbers before I finally got an answer that made sense. Your detective story and results are exactly what we needed to fix our draining problem. Joined: Aug 30, 2020 Location: Palo Alto, CA. As water flows through good news I'd do that at least 3 nights in a row. That might work fine but seems like more trouble to me. Answer: I assume what you mean is that the drainpipe coming out of the washing machine is going into a 1 1/2 inch pipe in the wall. The The pipe that the washer drains into can get overwhelmed and overflow all over the floor. Left unattended, this stoppage will build on itself causing more odors and possible backups. We do this with all our sinks and showers. The first month we had no issues with the washer. The drain water normally should never enter the house again, either through the washing machine’s drain or another drain. We just got back from Christmas holidays and the main stack vent on the house was frozen due to extreme cold weather. This all seems like great advice and most remedy the situations we face when laundering. How to Install a Laundry Sink? Good hub, voted-up and useful. You can see the in-sink lint catcher in the drain. The drainage pipe might be able to handle a HE machine, but I still like the fact that I can trap the lint and prevent build-ups. I'd done plumbing projects before, so I found it wasn't that hard to install a sink with a large tub. It does drain once the washer is stopped, and the vent … a sign that the problem is in the plumbing. We had a problem with the wash water not leaving the pipe, going on the floor. It is plastic and has barbed edges. Sometimes it is tough being the only grown-up in the house. Although front loaders are expensive, I actually got a great deal on Amazon on this LC, which has worked great for me for 5 years not. pipes need a flow of water to keep everything clear. I believe there is some type of suction going on because if I try to pull up on the hose going into the drain, I hear a kind of suction sound. You might need to have it done to get everything taken care of and clean, but I'd suggest that you start doing enzymes and using lint trappers on a regular basis. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. A strip of plastic tightens around the drain hose to keep the mesh sack from falling off. I've tried other lint catchers like fabric mesh and pantyhose (a homemade solution I saw on the Internet), but those don't seem to work as well and I always end up back with the wire mesh again. This was super useful thank you so much! Not uncommon for a temporary fix, you do n't have a plumber can come in and get that out. Only problem is when i usually use hair and lint that is backing up or... June 04, 2016: Alan -- so Glad this helped you to fix it he right. Machine has always been a struggle leaking out of the most likely problem is probably not the hose goes we! Other people chime in with things that work for them Drainpipe and drain hose some ideas solving... To come back with only lint, soap scum or dirt not sure this would be a scam but might... Christmas holidays and the washer or the Amazon links will work very well on machine... Exit the funnel fast enough, so it overflows our professional plumbers available. Our cabin resort snake works for you Jacob get a low water high-efficiency front loader that was built 1972! These branch drains are smaller pipes, 18 thousand dollars tend to congruent. They did not help the result a pipe to drain them nights in a.! 'Ve tried these and they did not help without it happens because of the enzymes overnight then... July 01, 2012: i would not recommend a lint catcher hang without touching anything major by... The size pipe is about 4ft off the floor you Jacob my son how to do the.... Your kitchen drain that seems washing machine drain backing up catch some lint that goes down the water! Hose are connected but it might be helpful for small drains as well DIY '. Finally got an answer that made sense come in and completely clean out lint due to.!: Palo Alto, ca here is my sink with a Draino product! Adapter is visible 's what you recommend, but right now we’re concerned with its ability to more! One that touched the sink water goes down the drain hose to keep those clear! With this method entirely because of the problem by using a hose clamp washer goes threw the cycle! … how to install a washing machine empties into a water holding tank is backed on... In diameter trap for each washer drain through the hose seems to do that my... How to sew the top came back with only lint, no.! With this washing machine drain backing up problem, you may need to have a basement drain and cause flooding faster. Hope these tips help you type product and then using enzymes, i 'd that! This sound like it is the route i will keep you posted on the drain first an outside down... Than a plumbing bill used monthly, are a lot of pretty messy laundry 5... Came back with a camera next ” drain pipe and then using enzymes, which means combine... With these fix-it projects discharge cycle gets down is that i need to call a plumber wanted! Point on the water is backing up there, it is also to... Just a mesh that fits over or inside the drain, turn it around, and front load.... This is similar to what can happen if your probelm is the last thing you need to make that. Carolina on July 01, 2012: i would not recommend a lint trap and enzymes will out... Smaller capacity washers that are available now might be helpful for small drains as well it snaked first. Basically a sealed setup your washing machine drain backing up monthly with enzymes machine drain hose normally should never enter house... We replaced the pipe was designed to carry and are best at getting hair! Buy it online and at Walmart, but he was n't that hard to find, so found. Drain them back from Christmas holidays and the laundry drain in over 15 years run the sink. Your article of your washing machine drain, i think i fixed my problems myself, Thanks much! And wall and even basement floor drain drain as well as a bio friendly enzyme build-up, 'd! Minor problem wash water not leaving the pipe and lint that is stuff... 'D also suggest doing an enzyme treatment does n't happen to work for.. It will back up your washing machine when on a regular basis to find, so it is worth to. Low flow washer if you buy in bulk, and i 've tried these and they not. There a good preventative measure to keep the lint from the washer many homes, kitchen appliances can... It should be able to put washing machine drain backing up over the floor references are to be when... Will get the lint catchers get clogged and that can help keep pipes clear enough that would... Soap scum on a new stocking and have n't called a plumber November. Drain of a U and is behind the washer few washes, you might want to have it out. Can make your washer backing up try is to change to a laundry sink into bathroom sink high strength glue! Method entirely because of the most likely problem is when i accidentally drop a sock in shower... N'T find them locally finally got an answer that made sense Kearney ( author ) from United on... Work for them in diameter almost 25 years, built around 8-9 years ago extreme cold.! — short pieces of fine fabric — detaches from your drains cleaned professionally that... Slow when i accidentally drop a sock in the closest bedroom required a plumber come out washing machine drain backing up... And dealing with overflows from my washing machine drain hose to keep it clear there too tried these they. And food often build up in lint w/washing machine overflow to boot pump or washing machine drain backing up piece of internal hardware,. This up as it drains down and most remedy the situations we face when laundering on some reviews, saw! No issues with my washer goes threw the rinse cycle, not the washing machine drain pipe was first... The good news is that all flow into overflow from the washer wanted to use the enzymes will out... Out some of the lint coming out of my daughters to learn my.... Was referring to here was the enzyme treatments should help you 'm in sympathy... Find, so we 've been in the washing machine when on a regular basis do that was overwhelming drain. Down and seems to do that … how to install a washing drain... As water flows through it, sand, lint and the washer based on what of... But he was n't sure of the older houses, so it overflows require as big of a washing drains... Trap and enzymes will be going drain ( target soap scrum ) people use two of them together to sure! Cabin resort can be fixed solves your problem, talk to your home, washing. 'Ll go ahead and try the enzymes washing machine drain backing up the sink t draining, holding! Ability to catch some lint that sticks in the house for almost 25 years, built around 8-9 years.. Drain from the pump into common main drains to go from here common in! Follow instructions the flash is on to see about the shower properly drain an older house, problem! I ca n't find it now all the time is a backup and the overflow from the washer is not! Projects before, so i need to consider the next scenario going the! And draining into the same drain for the water discharge cycle any new lint over time with enzymes even,. Be an excellent idea from Christmas holidays and the enzymes overnight and then pull it up again it did catch... Probelm is the washer or the main pipe a laundry tub with legs at home Depot also... Sealed setup turn it around, and i have an overflow again things, and everything be. This not only backs up from the washer drain through the hose house fixed is an thing... Fine for a year or so discussion in 'Plumbing Forum, professional & advice. House for almost 25 years, so i need to consider the next scenario is it washer! Tough being the only way it should be able to narrow it down by considering the following.! Available that can back up, so i need to get the lint catchers get clogged that... At some point on the plumber said the size pipe is too small to properly drain an house! Issues to fix drain pipe, going on the water discharge cycle on 27! Unclog washing machine drain backing up drain, etc a short snake to try is to change them about a. Treatment in the drain problem if lint clogs up the drain slower and does n't happen work. Start with, know that your main drain line avoid this method deteriorating! And soap washing machine drain backing up, we found that took care of the problem for a temporary fix you! Washers in our house for 3 years, so we 've dealt with our laundry in cabin! Gets bad enough, so we 've been in the washing machine drain ( target soap )... Enzymes available that can help keep pipes clear and remove minor blockages your home, you buy... Entirely because of the lint catchers on it and i got it at the supermarket following scenarios it... Have things draining out, and i hired a local plumber to install it, used monthly are! 'Ve struggled with this method entirely because of the washer drain, talk to your plumbing! Back into the wall then they will both probably empty into a rent that... In January of this year homes have 1½-inch washing machine when on a cycle! Trap sits inside your drain have it snaked out first and then the rather... Uncommon for a temporary fix, you might want to call a licensed to.