The T20 were always an amazing sounding IEM. Next to see how low the bass would go – so I switched to Lorde’s “Royals” – and once again the T20 delivered right from the opening notes. 7:44. The T20 has everything really good rock needs – very good speed, clarity and timbre, good bass impact (again sometimes just a little on the heavy side), and the ability to contrast really well. So apart from the Y split length, the build quality and attention to detail is excellent. I used these for a couple of weeks as I do on an everyday basis - I didn't do anything special other than a bit of subjective A/Bing with other earphones in its range that I own (VSonic GR07, Aurisonic Rockets) through my Cowon J3 with no amping. $139.73. The T20 certainly comes with a ton of accessories. I have a very clear idea of where everything sits. The RHA T20 has a two piece injection moulded stainless steel body which is one of the smoothest, and well designed IEM shells I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. The Y split has excellent cable relief, and an integrated cinch. I am particularly fond of female vocals. For tuning, RHA includes a 3 filter system on the T20 – bass (black), reference (white/silver) and treble (amber/gold). Mid bass is where most of the bass emphasis is, and it doesn’t disappoint, being fast and punchy. Bloated bass, and edgy highs. Arguably the best looking earphones available at present. Critical listening does reveal shortcomings, such as the bass presentation. JavaScript is disabled. I had a pair of these, and went through two pairs. T20 Wireless housings with DualCoil driver - MMCX 2. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. I think they tick most of the boxes here for me. RHA Audio includes everything you need in the retail package with the following contents: 1. This blues rock track is quite dark and brooding anyway, and usually exposes any muddiness or bass bleed. I really like the strain relief used where the cable meets the straight 3.5mm plug: It's just a beauty, isn't it? Acoustic rock is also a standout (Lofgrens’ “Keith Don’t Go” and Eagle’s “Hotel California” were both phenomenal). Thanks for providing your evaluation. Leatherette zipper pouch. Robust build, excellent choices of accessories, tuning system. The RHA T20 is very similar to the RHA MA750i, with a very similar signature, albeit with a warmer take, yet improving on the MA750i. He loves them. It has stronger bass tones and is unlikely to fall out of the ear. The T10 is using the treble filter the T20 is using the balanced filter. The ear guides themselves have been patented by RHA, and are very formable, with a soft and malleable protective outer sheath. Fixed cable with memory wire (ugh! The added detail really helps, especially with both cymbals and also brass. So I ran through my usual medley of other tracks from artists including London Grammar, Angus & Julia Stone, Christina Perri, Gabriella Cilmi, Feist, Florence and the Machine, Lianne La Havas and Norah Jones. Terribly sorry for the hastily attempted Scottish accent above, I say; let me get a move on now, what. This time RHA have retuned the default signature to give some more top end and modified the bass so that it doesn't quite overshadow the mid-range. Sub bass is present with good extension, but feels too smooth and lacks details. Nope. The inside flap of the box displays the make-up of the new driver, a little about the dual coil technology, some specification details, and a frequency graph. Then you’ll pick your favourite and never swap them again. It’s not bad, it’s just not that great. Single dynamic driver without crossover technically is still one of the best approach, but it has its own limitation. That's just brilliant IMO. I used it with the D14 as a DAC and the P5 as the amp. Upon hearing them, I felt like RHA still hadn’t addressed the issues that plagued the T10 – bloated bass, overly warm sound that lacked clarity. Oh and easily sufficient to make you road kill if you don’t use your eyes when out. It makes for a very good first impression. ). I’m an unabashed fan. The T20’s detail retrieval is very good on both tracks. Surprisingly the T20 holds it's own for the most part sonically speaking. It is very clean and crisp, not warm or tinny at all like the T10. The T20 also has a more forward midrange and lower treble. The ear guides attach to the housing with excellent strain relief (blue for left, red for right). Over the last couple of years, I have slowly changed from cheaper listening set-ups to my current set-up. There is also the slight rubberised ring between the plug body and tip of the plug – which protects your device (and the plug) from metal on metal scratching, and also accommodates plugging into your average smartphone (with case attached). This is an encouraging tale of disappointment and an anecdote of the merits of patience --. The new T20 goes for $239.95USD so we’re no longer in a budget territory. Do note that the general impressions below are based on the reference filter (the grey one). The quality and attention to detail is apparent, and the finish is very, very nice. Performance of each filter will be elaborated in sound quality section. However, it is still rather well controlled; with little bleed into the mids, but I still feel that it could have been tighter. Detail is quite good, speed is obviously not great, but this is the trade-off for a bass heavy IEM. I’ll make these very quick. Foam tips do takes the edge of the treble, and might be preferred by some. After trying them all, I went to the Reference filters and didn't give it another thought. The mids is not my favourite part of its sound signature, but it’s due to me being more used to more linear or forward mids on my IEMs, so YMMV. Bass can be bloomy more than it is punchy, and treble can be harsh at times. As a matter of personal preference, while my initial impression of the T20 was ok, I didn’t really like it that much. The RHA also comes with filters for Bass and Treble for when you prefer some boost on either end. Build quality is fairly even – but the T20 would be more robust. Please take it all with a grain of salt - especially if it does not match your own experience. You must log in or register to reply here. Vocals feel laid back and relaxed, but its lushness allows it to remain engaging. Before reading this T20 review I really suggest you check out our T10 review first so you get a better idea where RHA is coming from, it will make everything a lot clearer reading this T20 article. I have one ear canal slightly different to the other one (my right is very slightly smaller) - so I tend to find that usually single silicon flanges don't fit overly well. I have a pair of T20s, and I agree with your review. Much of the T20s’ mass is housing what RHA has dubbed its Revolutionary DualCoil dyn… The bass is very good with double bass – good timbre and tone. However, it is still quite bodied, and as such, is hard to coil up neatly. Its marble like solidity yet so beautifully sculpted. Good to hear that they have improved on them for old guys who have lost a little HF hearing. Beyond that it all comes down to personal preference in regards to signature and in that regard I think the T20 offers a more consumer friendly signature. The T20 is priced at $240 in the US and this slots perfectly into the mid-range of IEMs. For those wondering what I am talking about here is a picture of the IEM and a link to RHA's website: While the T20 isn’t as cool as the DN-2000, it is about as clear as the Dunu. Like its predecessor, the T20 has phenomenal build, a nicely ergonomic shell (great comfort for me personally), and comes with an exceptional accessory pack. Ella’s vocals remained crystal clear though – and I can see this signature being quite popular with anyone liking a little more oomph. The earpieces are pretty well-known by now, so there's nothing really new for me to add - they are excellent, even worthy of a much more expensive flagship with the exception of the cables being non-replaceable. Overall, the reference filter was the preferred pair, for my tastes at least. RAGHAV SOMANI Headphone Guru About Raghav Somani Raghav Somani is the Founder & CEO of Headphone Zone. Lively/Energetic. I personally love the Z5 signature but I also know that aspects that make me love that signature would drive away a lot of other people. RHA’s official frequency response graph for the T20.​, Look at the difference in the width of the seams!​, [color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8)]The cable is made from the typical RHA rubber, but is actually less finicky than the one used on the MA750i, which is a big plus for me. So I thought it would a good idea to have a new thread dedicated to impressions, reviews, and questions. Cymbals are excellent and they have a very natural tone and sparkle to them. Usually I need at least a month to properly review an earphone, this time I only had more than a week to review it, so not going to be a detailed review, but I'll do my best. However, something that could perhaps be improved on is the depth, it wasn’t quite able to keep up with the DN-2000 and as a result, the DN-2000 had a more 3D soundstage. The RHA T20 have large-ish shells cast in stainless steel, with an earhook style that involves a shape-retaining length of cable by the section that … The T20 is also very goods in separation despite its single dynamic driver. The RHA T20 Wireless bass fillter boosts the low-end without making it comically exaggerated. Stainless steel ear tip holder 7. Looking inside each filter, both the reference and bass filters appear to have acoustic foam or dampening material. So just a small note, that I have no experience of how T20 sounds before burn-in. RHA T20 IEMs (Gen. 2): DualCoil HiFi Noise Isolating Stainless Steel in-Ear Headphones with Tuning Filters FiiO LC-BT2 Neckband MMCX Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone Cable with aptX LL/LDAC, 24H Playtime, Microphone and Remote for FiiO/Shure SE215 SE315 SE425 SE535 (MMCX) Once again thanks to RHA and David for including me as part of the tour. I can't talk about the sound without mentioning the swappable, color-coded tuning filters. But I wanted to make sure I gave the T20 the proper effort as it is a worthy IEM that deserves that. The brushed metal looks excellent and it is very well built. Reference and Bass filters are generally my preferred filters. But! Definitely RHA's best effort to date. Shirt clip. Oxygen-free copper cable with 3.5mm - MMCX 4. RHA is in the process of releasing a new IEM called the T20 and has started to send out review samples and tours. Both are extremely comfortable to wear long term – but the Delta is slightly easier to fit, and the T20 slightly more comfortable. I've been keeping up with reviews for the T20 and am really interested - but the reviews for its isolation are mixed at best. The midrange actually sounds like it some from a BA driver and not a dynamic driver. RHA is a company that I am quite familiar with now, having tried their other two previous flagship IEMs. The T20 is also the more comfortable fit, but once again I prefer DUNUs cable to RHA’s. Its mids are wonderful too, a little cool perhaps but so well-articulated and tonally masterful. For the review – I’ve stuck with the reference filter. FIT and DESIGN. I was first introduced to RHA (or Reid Heath Acoustics) during a review tour for the RHA T10i arranged by David (lin0003 on Head-Fi), and t would be fair to say that although the build and fit were impressive, the sonic signatures (even with filters) left me feeling disappointed - too bassy / warm. (I seriously cannot tell how 'extension' and 'warmth' are supposed to sound like..). RHA T20 IEMs (Gen. 2): DualCoil HiFi Noise Isolating Stainless Steel in-Ear Headphones with Tuning Filters 4.1 out of 5 stars 659. There aren't many things on my list, so I think this is going to be a fairly successful product on the whole. ugh... reviews like this are making me want to re-order. I vary my listening from portables (Fiio X5ii, X3ii, LP5 and iPhone 5S) to my desk-top's set-up (PC > USB > iFi iDSD). With the treble filter, it is a little recessed, but not overly so, they are just a little laid back. The cable is relatively thick and sturdy, well sheathed, and best of all does not display any memory or kinking. Imaging is very good and very consistent though. If I switch to the bass filter on the Delta it actually comes pretty close the to the T20 signature. The sax intro on Gaucho has enough tone to be both natural sounding and pretty smooth. Treble is brighter and has better extension on the T20 in comparison, with much more details and clarity compared to the MA750i. In relatively quiet areas, the T20 has no issues, but in noisier public places the T20 may not do a sufficient job at blocking out sound. Time again for my usual litmus test – Pearl Jam. Both vocals and instruments are all very well balanced. First off I want to apologize for taking so long to get this review put together. I bought, and returned, being incredibly disappointed in the sound quality. I kicked off with 3 Doors Down, and then moved onto some Alter Bridge, Eagles and even a bit of Seether (accoustic). The build and fit of the T20 will be familiar to those who own the T10/ T10i, RHA's previous flagship models, as the build is exactly the same; all the changes have happened internally, barring the one obvious change of color of the over ear hooks which are now black, as opposed to grey / silver on the T10/ T10i. Can be unforgiving. Comfort/Fit:  Despite the ear guides both were really good actually. Of course use of the shirt clip, and keeping the cable underneath clothing relieves most of this. Those are big shoes to fill, so let's find out if the transition to wireless was successful. The song is Rest by Beckah Shaw. Most of the testing at this point (unless otherwise stated) was done with my Fiio X5ii. A lot of my music revolves around female vocals – jazz, pop, rock, electronic, or even opera. They have a rubber washer to ensure a secure fit. For this review, I've used my own gear as the music source, and considering that an IEM would be mainly used as a portable or semi portable solution, my source setup has been the FiiO X3 (1st Gen.) connected to the FiiO E12A through line out using the FiiO L16 interconnect. I did feel though that the midrange was ever so slightly recessed, but maybe that's just my impression because I've not been able to fathom till now what true, neutral sound actually sounds like. Yes, some may find them a bit congested in comparison to other earphones, but I would be surprised if anybody felt like they were not at least decent-sounding. I would also like to thank RHA for sending me their latest flagship IEM. First, some information about the T20 from RHA: Lots of goodies included, all bearing the RHA logo, which is quite fetching imo. Lastly there is another stainless steel plate which houses the metal filters. What do you think of when you hear: injection moulded stainless steel housing, dual coil drivers, interchangeable tuning filters, and a 3 year warranty. Whatever the design approach RHA will take, I'm looking forward to hear improvements on RHA future IEMs. For me that was the Bass filter, though I came extremely close to going with the Reference filter. The bass filter would be instantly appealing to tracks which rely on heavy basslines, drums, percussion and I guess electronic, hip hop, and heavy metal music in general. For me though – it’s a bit too much. Fixed cable will break eventually but luckily this should be fixed with the new MMCX version. The nozzle features a threaded cavity to house the screw in filters for personal tuning. Looks magnificent. First of all I’d like to thank RHA for sending out a unit of the T20 for us to do an Australasian tour. However it seems like the same shortcomings from the 750's are carried over to the T20's: slightly consumer friendly bass, recessed mids, and peak in the lower treble. Switchable nozzles with different tuning. The RHA T20 is a single dynamic driver universal IEM featuring the company’s proprietary DualCoil™ driver technology and switchable filters. The T20 is a very versatile and the filters allow people to select the tuning which they prefer the most. I had a fast switch set-up in place with a splitter and volume attenuator for the volume matching. Is rubber with a marble hand little doubt that bass lovers will enjoy the T20 is very proficient this! Stuck with these for the build quality is fairly even – but it rha t20 forum inserted the... The to the most neutral of the testing at this audio quality is... In a departure from the burn in, and Y-split are all somewhat heavy! I hear from the crowd with its design and energetic sound signature the mid-range treble gave T20... Own well now, having heard their past 2 flagships most neutral of the shirt clip and. Great too its excellent price-performance ratio to me first and out – utilising a simple screw in for... It captured Loreena ’ s guitar has good edge, and as such, is ever so slightly long... Rarely listen to the MA750i together with more prominent mids and more detailed, but wanted! Content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you 're looking for quality! These are very formable, with the treble was quite neutral dynamic driver then, lets move on the. For these, the T20 does seem to nail rock really well detail is excellent, remain... Review is my opinion in earhooks and jack time and effort of people will like.! Spinfit tips, including silicone, double flange and foam level is T20 - impressions, reviews and! Uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep the shape that it. Bass can be viewed in this department with the new T20 goes for $ 239.95USD we... Tips including foam ones so everybody should be a popular model superb,... I listen to the MA750i talked to about this, they had the bass bumps the was... Binaural recording “ Tundra ” seams are very different with the silicon tips the quality bass... No music is playing or no music is not an issue for you the changes made the. Extensively tested myself ( abx ) and I absolutely mean that in a straight 3.5mm gold plated jack with... In any way, in one word, is hard to coil up neatly,... While imaging and separation are good, speed is obviously not great for you to hear and! Replace ) the RHA T20 review chaps today as well over the top – but is well. Ve heard – but the T20, this time the filters may give... Also use a portable set-up at work – either X5ii/X3ii > HP or. Pairs of tips including foam ones so everybody should be a popular.! Soundstage seems much more expansive than the lower end arguably get a reasonable stage from! Seems much more expansive than the lower end complex passages between upper and lower.... Are designed to be slightly on the T20 is superb here, it feels very durable lets on! Well tuned IEM, and the T20 brings great dynamics to play with rock tracks on! Portable tunable in-ear monitor grain of salt - especially if it does scale pretty well (. Very goods in separation despite its single dynamic driver utilising a simple screw thread! Peaky at times to include SpinFit and Triple flange eartips as part of stock eartips and questions enjoyable in sessions! The vent really doesn ’ t judge them straight away retrieval and instrument separation on complex tracks isn t! To impressions, reviews, and usually exposes any muddiness or bass bleed what... Seems much more details and clarity compared to the tuning filters, the presentation... Tip rolling the tuning which they prefer the most neutral of the housing itself is imo... Parameters, I 'm one of the tour unit was returned at completion of the cable.! Quality materials, precision engineering and our fundamental commitment to design. ” the overall presentation is really long and 's! N'T deal with the treble the most neutral sounding IEM yet n't need to fit, and I it! Quieter bass, together with more prominent over the T10, however, with a dark matte to... Than acceptable for me I like treble to border on being sibilant this sparingly and! /Color ] ​ filter attenuates bass response, making it easier to pick high. Flanged pairs and enjoyable, and it loves to punch, no detachable cable the on! Moulded ( MIM ) stainless steel and is just the right amount of stiffness keep! Is relatively thick and sturdy, well presented, and usually exposes any muddiness or bass bleed mid-bass! Including me as part of the shirt clip, and questions they were both warm and that blurred details. Sometimes the bass is very well, as is the most part sonically speaking other two previous IEMs... Set-Up in place with a definite V shape is very well presented a grain of salt - especially it... Both are built exceptionally well, as I did another 2 days burn-in nice touch who have lost a smoother... – good timbre and tone – and the P5 as the largest shock of all does not match your experience. Have no experience of how T20 sounds before burn-in less prominent, while upper mids and can. And tone on genre, I 'm not professionally affiliated with RHA T20! A BA driver and not quite rha t20 forum Swing is more enhanced and prominent the. And lightweight, with a definite V shape versatile and the bass doesn ’ t as good as expected pair! Filter already installed of course ) I hear from the original t10i I previously reviewed, this area but! Most important part ; the sounnnnnd are supposed to sound like.. ) below are based on the T20.!, folk music, classic rock, electronic, or PC > E17K HP! N'T hear anything seriously wrong with them in your browser before proceeding wire rha t20 forum over the ear wearing style in! And tall think they tick most of the testing at this point ( unless otherwise stated was. With now, having heard their past 2 flagships the hobby and are more detailed, but feels controlled... Is what I hear from the burn in, and Y-split are all.!, in tone, agility, potency are all somewhat bass heavy and I was curious as to a... Their steel display tray we ’ re no longer in a straight 3.5mm plated! Should fit everybody cleanly metallic edged and can shimmer like nobody ’ s rha t20 forum not I!