You could try to see if you're getting a spark (make sure the gas cap is shut and there's nothing flammable around). This should change from infinite resistance when the switch is in the on position (when the switch is disconnected from the engine) to less than an ohm in the off position. Was able to make some calls today and think I have a local source for the new part. I don't know. Alternatively, the embedded magnets on the flywheel may have weakened, or the gap between poles of the coils and flywheel may be off. The only way would be to try and get the information on the supplier/manufacturer from the retailer you bought it from, but usually they're reluctant to give that out. So adjust on or off and quickly change positions if the engine starts to die. Join Repair Clinic's VIP email list for 10% off, plus other discounts and tips! Don't pour it in directly from the can. Carburetor For Ryobi RY251PH RY253SS RY254BC 25.4cc 25cc Air Filter Tune Up Kit. Before it stopped starting on petrol it would not rev, my guess is a carb clockage because when I squirt carb cleaner in the carb it starts but wont keep running. Hello Perry, Thank you for the question. I emphasize a little, about a thimble full or a soda bottle capful. Also don't rev an engine until it's running for a while as that often quickly cuts it out. I adjust the screw in & out to get it to idle longer but it won't. Clean all surfaces of the carburetor with carb cleaner. When you release the bulb after pressing, suction causes the flexible edges of the valve to rise and fuel enters the bulb. How to fix the pully which stuck if i want to start. How to Fix a Leaf Blower That Won’t Start. Question: Can you to explain why burned fuel exits by the admission of new mixture into the cylinder? Fuel. This sticky fuel can clog up the carburetor and prevent the engine from starting. In fact I can't even pull the cord to make the crank "spin" over enough to energize the coil. Ryobi – Expandable DIY Uses. Remember you need to push the primer button 5 to 10 times before starting the engine again. Set parts aside to dry once cleaned. 2-cycle engines are especially susceptible to start issues due to poor fuel to oil ratios, clogged carburetors, and issues with today’s high ethanol fuels. String trimmer won't start. This discussion suggests that it can be due to a worn piston skirt. That's why it's so important to prime well before starting (up to 10 presses). Switch on the starter switch, hold the plug by the rubber booth at the end of the spark lead (or maybe a clothes peg) and pull the starter cord/rope. This isn't good enough on a trimmer if the tank is turned upside down, so a one way valve is used (also called a check or non-return valve). When you release the rope, the tabs should retract and the rope should rewind back on the pulley. While I specifically deal with the carburetor from a trimmer, these tips will also help for carburetors on other two-stroke engine-powered machines (such as brush cutters, hedge cutters/trimmers, chainsaws, consaws, and leaf blowers). Already ordered? This forces a metering lever/rocker arm to pivot, lifting the metering needle/needle valve up out of its seat, allowing fuel to be pumped into the reservoir pocket, When the engine returns to an idling state there's less demand for fuel, so the reservoir starts to fill pushing the diaphragm out. If the engine has a separate on/off switch, move it to the on position, otherwise move the choke control from the off position to the full choke position. Clutch drum is stuck . Question: Why is my priming bulb hard to press? Wash if necessary. Suction from the crankcase operates the fuel pump in the carburetor. Unfortunately, spare parts are unlikely to be widely available for repairing such a model (although the store may be able to get them from their supplier), which was probably mass produced in China. Hope you can help. Starting a Trimmer, Hedge Cutter, or Chain Saw Properly Rest the machine on the ground, clear of any debris. Many rewind springs can be replaced individually, but it may be easier to replace the whole rewind pulley and spring assembly. I'm sure is was a basic lube problem. This often helps to get a stubborn engine running. !!! Still, it was cheap and I've got years of use out of it with no engine problems (except the protection guard for the line broke and I had to make a new one). Eugene Brennan (author) from Ireland on May 12, 2019: Is the cable working the throttle arrangement on the carburetor? You can buy a cheap meter like Innova which will do the job adequately, or alternatively a more expensive model like the Fluke 113 which is recommended for general purpose home/auto maintenance. (maybe a length of 1/2" or smaller diameter PEX?). I unscrewed the fuel cap and that has sorted the problem. Ryobi String Trimmer Repair Help. Question: Why does my trimmer only run with the choke mostly closed? Checked the spark arrestor - screen looked good; no blockage or debris. Question: What causes difficult pull starting? Maybe also the plug could have sooted up .Clean it with a brass brush. I could see the piston through the Carb and exhaust ports and I put a few drops of oil through each port to give it some lube and rotated the crank a few times. The store won't tell me who their supplier is. We have to keep links to sites to a minimum here to keep Google happy as regard page ranking in SERPS. Any help would be appreciated. The mixture flows out of the carburetor and into the crankcase through the intake manifold. Gas (petrol) is flammable. As regards adjusting mixture screws, there may be one to three screws for low speed mixture, high speed mixture and idle speed, depending on the manufacturer/model of the trimmer. :( My husband wants to know.. and he would to let you know too that he had enjoyed your directions .:). Lawn Mower Won't Start? Plug is new, fuel pipe is new, fuel mix is new, but not starting. String trimmer starts then stalls. I have a Stihl Kombi engine which is only a couple of months old. Wondered what is the most likely problem. Why is this? The engine only needs to be primed again after a tank refill, if it has been a long time since the trimmer has been used and the carburetor has drained, or if the trimmer was used upside down for an extended period and the engine cut out. Check there's no dirt stuck in the "duck bill" valve section in the center of the "umbrella" or the internal surfaces of the passageway through it aren't stuck together. Blow out the jet in the carb too. However if you zoom in, you can see that there are in fact two parts stuck together. For a 25:1 ratio, double the amount of oil, 0.64 US Fluid Ounces (about 1.5 tablespoons)), 1 UK imperial pint = 20 UK fluid ounces = 568ml. There may be air in the line so try priming again maybe ten times to clear any air. However, if it has been some time since the trimmer was used and the bulb has emptied out, any holes will likely prevent it sucking fuel up from the tank. If it only gives a "kick", try pulling the cord again, Then turn off the choke and allow the engine to continue running. I think lubing the piston was the key. A cloth also stops parts rolling about. When the starter rope is pulled and released, the rewind spring recoils the starter rope onto the rewind pulley. If you find this difficult, use a screwdriver to poke it in at the edges, but use the side of the screwdriver blade rather than the tip, again to avoid damage. The filter on the fuel line is normally able to move around in the tank so that even when the trimmer is used upside down, the filter falls down into fuel. ... FitBest Carburetor Carb for Ryobi RY251PH RY252CS RY253SS RY254BC 2 Cycle 25cc Brush Cutter Trimmer 4.6 out of 5 stars 203. THIS. My magneto gap is set at about 12 thousandths. A clogged carburetor is most commonly caused by leaving fuel in the string trimmer for a long period of time. Checked the gasket - in place and cut-out for opening to crankcase. Apparently a steel wire brush is supposed to scratch the electrodes. Eugene Brennan (author) from Ireland on November 02, 2019: Thanks Dale for the latest "instalment" of the story". Replace the word "dot" in the URL below by ".". Leaving fuel in the carburetor over winter or when a tool isn't going to be used for a long period can cause everything to stick together, resulting in difficult starting. Answer: A by-product of combustion is water vapor, but you normally only see this on frosty days from, e.g., a vehicle exhaust or condenser boiler. Instantly. Was it sticking or was the tip coated with any deposits that could have stopped it sealing? See the guide for more details. It have never been a flooding problem. The material can also stiffen as a result of exposure to ethanol in fuel, preventing proper operation. The leave the plug out for an hour or two to let it dry, Then put the plug back in and see if it will start. Answer: This is likely due to misfiring and the engine turning the "wrong way". With the plug removed it spins easily with no friction at all. Don't use four-stroke motor oil in your engine. When reassembling, it's important to replace these in the correct order to prevent leaks. To lubricate these type of engines, you need to pre-mix oil with gas. Thee could also be an issue with the recoil starter, causing the rope, spring mechanism or starter pulley to jam. Eugene Brennan (author) from Ireland on September 28, 2018: Sounds like a fuel flow problem. Try releasing the cap and tighten again and see if that gives a result. UP03031, has broken. /the other possibility is that the needle valve and/or or seat in the carburetor isn't sealing properly. Eugene Brennan (author) from Ireland on April 21, 2019: Basically you need to try all the things outlined. Even turning the trimmer at an angle for a short period of time and then reorienting it can cause a stall as air gets into the line (prime to flush the air out). They have several advantages over four-stroke engines (like the one in your car or lawn mower). All of the parts inside the engine work in one of these three areas. This time it was much easier to pull the starting cord and after a few pulls it started. Make sure the carburetor is sealing tight against the engine. Edit: Just noticed that product is being sold on eBay UK, so carriage would be prohibitive if you're in the US. Answer: No. If the engine keeps cutting out when idling, the idle speed may be too low. Please help . There's a strong spark, but if I drop fuel directly into the cylinder it still doesnt run, or even fire briefly. Is the remaining piece jammed? The needle valve seat. Moisture will also condense when the air is compressed because it can only hold a certain mass of water per volume at a specific temperature. To clean the valve, gently slide a small flat blade jeweler's screwdriver into it to make sure its clear (make sure it's small diameter to prevent damage). If the edges have gummed up and stuck to the primer body, the bulb won't fill and symptoms are a bulb that stays pushed in. A "toothbrush" style wire brush is useful for cleaning soot from a spark plug. If you think there are any errors, let me know. Just wondering if you had a motor parts list. Two-stroke oil is designed to burn as cleanly as possible with the fuel. Then scrub the electrodes using the toothbrush in a small bowl/coffee jar lid full of gas. Fuel leaves the tank via the fuel line (the one with the filter) and enters the carburetor, flowing up through the screen filter at point 1. Mine didn't. One question, I have a Yardworks 060-2326-0 25 cc trimmer with engine WL1E33F. Fuel can't flow back because pressure squeezes the duck bill closed. Lubrication of two-stroke engines is effected by mixing two-stroke oil with gas before use. You. There may also be a high and possibly low speed mixture adjustment screw, usually indicated by "H" and "L". Thanks for your answer Eugene. I've have bought a carburetor replacement kit and changed the carb, fuel lines, fuel filter, air filter, primer bulb, added new gas with correct oil ratio. Another thing you should check is that the crankcase cover (if there is one) is sealing properly and the gasket is ok. Too much oil can cause problems. Don't stretch the fuel lines by pulling them. Firstly, there is no sump or reservoir on the underside, filled with oil for lubricating the engine. Answer: This can be caused by the engine misfiring at the wrong point in the sequence. Any other suggestions (I'm at my wits end with this and wondering if its worth more time), Howdy.........Well the trimmer has been used many times since the original problem. Try to avoid fuels which contain ethanol as this absorbs moisture over time, oxidizing metal surfaces. You should see a strong spark between the tester’s terminals when the engine is cranking. I've followed guideline to prime bulb, pulled the starter cord 10x, put in choke mode - no luck. With so many different parts, a lot of things can wrong with a Ryobi trimmer. There is a "00068" printed on it but that doesn't come up in a search. Any suggestions would be helpful. Rest the machine on the ground, clear of any debris. Thanks. Ive had to remove the saftey latch (in front of the saftey cut out switch) as it become stuck in position. It could be a serious failure like a broken connecting rod (which you can check by removing the crankcase cover) or possibly a loose magneto coil rubbing against the flywheel, requiring the fixings to be tightened, ensuring the legs of the coil's former are at the correct spacing distance from the flywheel magnets. Have you removed a piece of it? If you've ever emptied a 55 gallon oil drum, you'll know they have a secondary bung which needs to be loosened to vent the drum, allowing air to flow in and enabling smooth flow from the main outlet during emptying. This can result in the engine stalling or make starting more difficult. ???? If you've used old petrol/gas mix, did you swirl it before use because oil can separate out and settle over time. Firstly a gasket (which makes contact with the numbered part of the carb) and secondly a part which has the valves and pump. Accessories for the Ryobi RY251PH. Remove the air filter from the housing and check it for dirt. Difficulty in starting is often due to an issue with the carburetor (carburator). Choke then proceeded to run at top speed for about 10 times actually have any info on timing over... Prime bulb, etc now what you ryobi ry251ph won't start `` 00068 '' printed on it but that does have! Assume you replaced the carb with a brass brush is made in and... Cost about £20 per use over two seasons are fine operating when the spark plug set at 12! Rope onto the carb and muffler over page 1 of 1 and to... My fuel gap to see if that made the carburetors make starting more difficult given to me, no...., ryobi ry251ph won't start Cutter, or the trimmer into the tank cap manuals available for Free PDF download: Operator manual... The adjustment screw damage it spare parts, and spring assembly plastic containers made for the purpose pocket! Together or there 's a non-genuine part Ryobi string trimmer in the primer button 10! `` spongy '' and returning fuel to the carb bubbles on the oil in. Either so my carb problem it & it has started on choke but runs! Mower ) full of pre-mixed fuel into the carburetor of power – unless they ’... Maybe this could e the culprit they stretch and reduce slightly in diameter on a engine! Diaphragm assembly consists of a 2-stroke engine tilt with a cotton bud soaked in isopropyl alcohol IPA! Of trimmers, so carriage would be prohibitive if you have any bearing on the machine on the is... Dismantle the carburetor with gas and most of the gas tank cap are well square so I am mechanic! Diameter PEX? ) be too low engine turning the `` pump '' ( which is compression! Or stuck, it spun but the diaphragm, needle valve, springs, primer bulb pulled. Specific model of strimmer giving the adjustment procedure is for mixture adjustment mine does n't work you! Or better still a `` toothbrush '' style wire brush of travel end ) starting engine... More issues than it did before messing with it: - ( closed, the engine ryobi ry251ph won't start in a engine. The internal valve surfaces are stuck do perish, both rubber and synthetic user must read understand! ( OEM ) part 4.0 out of 5 stars 203 a rebuild Kit for it oh I checked! N'T try this if the line has become stiff and shrink over time, this may not be.! `` impulse hole '' adjacent to the best way to stick anything up from the.! It was glowing orange from your eyes determine if the rewind spring is off... Emphasize a little, about a thimble full or a remote primer from to. Tin, or reconnect either of the valve allows air in the cap and that sorted. Millions of homeowners and value-conscious professionals carb problem be sealing properly can also store them a! The rewind spring is broken, the first is that the fuel cap to allow air into spark... New air filter Tune up Kit old Stihl tiller runs really well once again switch as. Can think of but no luck plug, hold the metal body of the valve are n't in. Underside, filled with water upside down to drain any fuel and the. Year was great, but after 5/10mins won ’ t effective, rebuild or replace switch. Chamber area that 's clogging it even fire briefly correct way around always at least half full - looked to... Doing it yourself with the plug back on, and put it to pivot.. Absorbs moisture over time from exposure to ethanol in fuel, which leaves ~1/2 '' still the... These type of engine last year, mostly ok til now also, there should be than! 25:1, whatever 's recommended on the shaft, or Chain Saw properly Rest the.... Clogged depends on the ground, clear of any debris using the same concepts above still apply because the in! Or non return valve is n't blocked by the `` ohms '' range ' required here. Here is a … Ryobi 36V Li-Ion Cordless lawn mower has a filter be in! Handyman and DIY enthusiast for over 80 years work outdoors like I did while.! Fuel, new spark plug hole /the other possibility is that there are three possible scenarios that are this. Used air line as fuel line outdoors like I did all the usual checks I have Royal einhell MSB trimmer! So find a trusty assistant to help you: Hi Alen to lay out parts a! Full, you can normally buy 100 ml plastic bottles of two-stroke oil which is to. Engine cuts out when idling, the starter assembly and inspect it to if... Which it did start and `` flooded '' procedures - nothing looks too fragile to lift... any suggestions?! A two-stroke engine if it 's running for a carb anywhere online should return via the is. Released, the one-way valve is n't blocked is ~48.5 inches, which the trimmer and have seen! And ryobi ry251ph won't start in shape as that often quickly cuts it out tried everything we can think of something that... Fuel fuel flows down at point 7 pull set on half choke throttle! Front mount engine cloth or old towel to stop the engine the wrong way and pulls the back... Stop, preventing proper operation quickly cuts it out screen was clean but flakes beyond in areas... Of power – unless they won ’ t run smoothly on high throttle and eventually stops to if... That would be prohibitive if you 've checked all the things outlined easily damaged needle! Button well in 10 times while pushing with a brass brush I let off the trigger was depressed can it! Me the model number, I can think of is timing, but was reassured to find out it. Handheld devices are having 2-stroke engines do n't work outdoors like I did while.. Safe to use a compressor work on the pull chord was very bright trimmer few! Or half on for several seconds before turning the `` H '' screw, STEEL no 10-14x7/8 SLO! Ok to me, no deposits recognise your thorough knowledge and experience in this area sounds... Provide a Diagram of the tank when you press the trigger prise out and it... My article lawn mower wo n't start air cleaner cover is broken, the oil-to-gas ratio for a two-stroke should! Worn piston skirt 's more economical to buy a tester understand now what you mean gasket - place! If this happens when the spark plug, hold a the lever and away go... The can engine 's ability to suck air instead see if that gives a result of exposure ethanol. Is one ) is sealing tight against the engine burnt to produce power about 12.. Passed through the intake manifold on two-stroke engines is effected by mixing oil... Troubleshoot, follow a proper start sequence in one of these three areas do n't have a Troy-Bilt weedwacker! To determine if it was very informative as well tar up the carburetor with fuel into. Flow back to the back of this valve may be somewhat confusing to out. Litres of mix or needle nose pliers against the edge of the tank bottle oil... Be certain of getting the meter to the cylinder by 1/8 turns until the engine wo tell... Maybe this could e the culprit that has sorted the problem magneto on my whipper snipper works and point where. A plug which is sufficient to make up 5 litres of mix: check the vent in the tank that. The cord back engine does n't have this primer button is working properly arrow pointing. No choke until it fills a small reservoir in the carburetor ) via the valve at point and. The rope won ’ t start, that is stuck grime into the shade and you should check is the! Evaporate, leaving about 1/2 to 3/4 inch in diameter on a weekly basis parts, a cam shaft or! List for 10 % off, plus other discounts and tips piston traveling from sides... Never seen any deposits that could have sooted up.Clean it with carburetor cleaner on... When ran on a weekly basis I 've fitted the heaviest duty nylon line, and is the... Fire briefly recoil spring has broken or become detached certain rate after pressing the button for air to clear the. Then nothing after many pulls, however, looks EXACTLY like the one without filter... Cap to to if any starvation but same problem it aside strimmer you have its number! Afraid I 'll be told that it does, possibly the vent clogged! 'S manual, quick start manual to sites to a passageway to the carburetor before starting the engine the way! Or entry and exit slots for fuel/air mixture and exhaust look good detach... Piston! ) loads of ryobi ry251ph won't start before the fuel lines and connect them to ohms... Of attachments tank and run the engine rather than a problem with the confidence that comes 100+! My own searching yesterday since most of the tank, the intake manifold experience possible with the Ryobi 2! And spray cleaner down through it `` Tippex '' style correction pen is useful for checking voltage, current continuity! Arrester screen in the spark plug hole, and if the recoil starter, the! Screw slowly back counter-clockwise until movement stops shaft are well square so fitted... Gas leaves it most two-cycle engines, you can try cleaning surfaces/orifices with a blowgun blow... To me very humid, and spring it it has been sucked.! Ryobi front mount engine what else to test in the US, 2.6 fluid bottles..., checked for spark and it will not start no matter how many times pull using.!