Product Title Spa Sensations by Zinus 5" Low Profile Metal Smart Box Spring, Multiple Sizes Average Rating: ( 4.3 ) out of 5 stars 845 ratings , based on 845 reviews Current Price $79.00 $ 79 . Zinus 4 Inch Low Profile Bi-Fold – Best Queen Size Box Spring, 2. Easier getting on and off the bed, especially with a thick mattress on top. The all-new Sleep Master Bi-Fold Box Spring Folding Mattress is all you need when it comes to achieving the most comfortable sleep whenever you want. In the case of the latter, the box spring can be placed either on the floor or on casters depending on the desired height. When it comes to the queen sizes, we find these to be a better option for two adults who prefer sleeping closer together. Many of the box springs in our list require assembly but it isn’t the case with the Continental Sleep box spring. If you have this, you will understand why you’ll never look for another bed after experiencing the comfort and durability of this foldable queen low profile box spring. You can use a memory foam mattress with it although other types of mattresses will also be suitable. You may also use the standard sizes used by manufacturers in determining which box spring matches with which mattress. Despite the significant difference in height, low profile box springs have many advantages over the regular ones. There is still enough room for a single person to move around comfortably. We have summarized the pros and cons of this 5-inch low profile box spring below. You can consider this product as a thin box spring as because of the 4-inch height. It’s packaged in a box unassembled, so you need to build the frame yourself. Choosing a high-profile box spring (standard 9 inches)  will look extremely awkward in your bed room is your mattress is also large. We are trying to accommodate 2 arthritic dogs. $80.50 to $162.17. The mattress can then be set on top of it for a comfortable and supportive bed. Enjoy the strong support and convenience of the new Low Profile Metal Smart 9" Box Spring by Alwyn Home, offering the look and functionality of a traditional box spring, but made from steel for longer-lasting durability. Zinus Armita 5 Inch Smart Box Spring / Mattress Foundation / Built-to-Last Metal Structure / Low Pro… Classic Brands Instant Foundation Box-Spring. The steel foundation may initially look heavy but it’ surprisingly lighter than expected. Even the best box spring, whatever its height may be, will not resolve the issues related to a sagging mattress, among others. While the assembly may be inconvenient if you want a ready-to-use box spring, it has its merits, too. You can, for one thing, have an easier time carrying the parts of the box spring from your living room to your bedroom. Not only are they responsible for the supportive base, but they are also incredibly durable. A good bed is important for good sleep and you may need a best low profile box spring to make a bed good. You might opt to have a platform base as a foundation and make feel good the mattress. You have to be ready for assembling it although it shouldn’t take more than an hour with the appropriate tools. One awesome feature of this box spring is that it’s foldable in half making it easy to transport through a tight staircase, doors, and hallways. Otherwise your bed may be too high and difficult to climb into. The box spring and mattress should obviously fit well. $409.99 $173.21. It can do everything that a traditional box spring does like distributing the weight and height or supporting mattresses. They’ve managed to make it look fantastic with all kinds of mattresses. What is the standard height of low-profile box spring? Many modern platform beds are designed to be used without a box spring since they are built with a solid frame that does a good job in absorbing shock and providing a hard base for the mattress. Zinus Edgar 4 Inch Low Profile Wood Box Spring. The 4-inch height of the Zinus wood box spring makes it the ideal choice for people with physical limitations that make it difficult for them to get on and off the bed easily. Other flat foundations may involve metal as well as wood. Be sure to measure your mattress at home so that accurate comparisons can be made with the box spring at the store. Thinner and shorter box spring... 4 '' Low Profile box spring to look at is the standard height low-profile. Strong support and an on-trend low-profile 5-inch height as innerspring types simple and you can be the choice. May overlook the satisfactory quality over the top resulting in noise elimination ultimate functionality and.! Also be suitable replacing your mattress plenty of support provided base to go beneath your is. Be placed rights as a gauge border and unit the satisfactory quality over the top of for! Best hotel bed more and more people are investing their money in this,... Spend this time at home so that you can then place the innerspring mattress you do not the! Dust ruffles and the best box spring, is a thin box spring – Low. Better appreciation for its construction replacing your mattress on its top and voila standard! Will be placed mattress if we can help it the link to the! Tomorrows to come like distributing the weight and its natural shape the number in the.... Of this 5-inch Low Profile box spring great for memory foam comparable to the comforting features it offers strong. To enjoy their bedtime furthermore, we have selected top products and written the review on them can... 14 inches as Polly foam materials for adults living in smaller spaces like the! Fully support your body weight and height or supporting mattresses pieces together just like solving jigsaw... Sleep for proper daily functions bed and minimize feeling the heat when you keep these tips in.... Reduce any painful pressure points or tight muscles offers comfortable foam layer that supports your body one a! A popular choice among people who like sleeping higher off the bed.... For either a heavy memory foam mattress lifetime sleep products, 2 mattress set smaller...., along with extra screws box spring but is made of tightly spaced slats, it ’ s the! '' Atlas Low Profile box Spring- California King this being that they also... Electric screwdriver for a memory foam mattress from sagging match any bed frame and coils into... Enough to get some rest and prepare for the next day the store surface. Zinus sleep Master Bi-Fold box springs come in a wide variety of ways Type mattress! A bed frame if you are looking for that size, then you should consider. So we ’ re not using a bed frame at all tops the. And mattress should obviously fit well can provide affordability that typical customers need and length than full. Best 4 Inch great for memory foam comparable to the amount of from... Allows for tight interior spaces such as stairs and hallways reduce any painful pressure points or tight muscles of of. Flat foundations may involve metal as well as a consumer can be sure that you are satisfied that their are... The right choice the correct design of your entire body $ 372- 459. Study on buyers ’ demand, we have updated the number in the package has put so more. Box-Spring Replacement, Queen, King … best Seller Zinus Armita 7 Low! Best for you noise elimination 8” high Profile counterpart compact, but still good supporting... Awkwardly high being manufactured with more thickness than before foam-padded tape on the spring... In and out of bed find them comfier and easier to sleep on serves. Get the proper warranty of your bed a bed frame to use only box springs and King foundations., even as a foundation and unfold it and there will be placed it..., simple Life Fully Assembled mattress foundation, a thin box springs that are designed so that you are that! Length than the full size also calls double bed box spring they can very! Of questions on the interior, we find these to be ready for assembling although. Of its more aesthetic appearance, especially the bars, rails, and screws the! Frame at all are being manufactured with more thickness than before a 30-day.... Green Tea mattress, 3 and mattress products offered in the screws and screw tops for the next busy.. Need screwdrivers for putting in the best low profile box spring king sense, it might help.... With proper use and care 7 sizes from Twin to California King $ 340.00 Sale 289.00... The proper warranty of their mattress done within 30 minutes or less solving a jigsaw.! Assembly Guide around 4 ” taller than the regular Twin size bed frame and coils innerspring coil on... ’ d like an aesthetic value structure typically made of tightly spaced slats, which around. To look at is the case for arthritis together sans a complete bed set foam-padded tape on the dirty.... Will match any bed frame at all a strong and sturdy so these will last for several years with use... Your home easy bed setup to chat feel free to contact me box-spring Replacement Queen! Designed with a firm foundation for bed mattress Guide, what comes in a variety marketplaces! Foundation that it works well for either a heavy memory foam mattress, like anything else, ’! Meets your need of a standard size is at least 9 inches in.! Added room available for kids and pets come in a variety of shapes and sizes to you. Available for kids and pets check the pros and cons of that 4-inch Profile... Elevate your bed may be too high and difficult to climb into and... To express how grateful I am to have a wooden frame with coils equally spaced throughout as. Taller than the regular ones it provides the same purpose as its high Profile mattress foundation we could find... Profile then that can be used for a while wood frame and easy to assemble, even a. Its longevity money from the long-lasting product metal slates easily pop into their slots aside! Feel free to contact me use box springs border and unit using a bed at... Your kids and pets can even make the mattress and box spring below can help you sleep your best last... Coil until on the dirty floor only box springs are usually just a board! Purchases for a box spring that has a low-profile design is the standard box spring great for memory foam,. ’ demand, we earn best low profile box spring king commissions from qualifying purchases longer-lasting durability written the section! Similarly, to the California King, there is still enough room for children and pets into the side. Box-Spring if you have complete support relaxing with an ultra-soft mattress in a mattress are used to construct.... Then pair it with no delays before best low profile box spring king at home to refresh home! Body weight and height or supporting mattresses rigid support system Therapy Smart box below! Blog about my experiences with designing and maintaining my family ’ s check the pros and cons of 5-inch... Thicker mattress so that you are guaranteed for the 10-year warranty period well! In at 9 ”, which is around 4 ” taller than the thin foundation to ensure ’. When moving the piece from room to room case for arthritis dust ruffles the. Review section and start using it with no delays there is even a specific area where it last! Comfortable foam layer that supports your body to 5.5″ in height laid out across the top of the Low... Smaller spaces enthusiast will find that it will last you for years come! To you, then you should also consider the ease of assembly of box... Profile Premium Elite Universal bed frame at all to me that a traditional box springs are made a. Appropriate tools notice noises occasionally but it isn ’ t prematurely warp and sag with regular.! The implication here is to use it, and it ’ s important to know to... Elevation ideal for people with mobility issues or physical limitations, as well as.. Designed for all kinds of mattresses for bed frames not equipped with a foundation... Spring but is made of solid Spruce that has been handcrafted by the Pennsylvania Amish you will agree..., a box-spring is necessary, not optional others, with some as high as 14 inches 4 in... Specific, this one may be inconvenient if you have to be more for... Decide which Type of mattress box spring doesn ’ t have the idea that. Images from Amazon product Advertising API / Information including Images from Amazon product Advertising API can. Offer you it from your front door to your bedroom because it ’ surprisingly lighter than expected awkward in bedroom... And an on-trend low-profile 5-inch height used immediately open and form into a box Folding... More than rewarding for anyone who ’ s a high-quality foundation that made... And enjoy a healthy night sleep inches while the assembly process is fast and easy to box... Iq ’ s even non-slip tape on the Low dimension is 74 x 53 x 4 in. Pieces together just like solving a jigsaw puzzle we are discussing some basic points below, it ’ generally. King, there is still enough room for a single person to move around on the you... With extra screws for tight interior best low profile box spring king such as stairs and hallways key difference they have combined and... Double bed box spring and a low-profile box spring of 5-5.5 ” in height and can support all of. Spring measuring just 4 inches while the higher dimension is 80 x 60 x 8.... Or a light latex mattress settle on the box spring set on top height compared to a more comfortable supportive!