Thanks for stopping by! With the power of nourishing oils and Pro-Vitamins, the new Oil Replacement makes hair 2X stronger than oil and oh-so smooth! But in today’s day and age, who has time for all that? I guess I need to make a trip to the store! Get your dose of what's Sodapoppin' by clicking on the Follow Button! Helpful. Oil Replacement Pantene Colored Hair Repair Oil Replacement combines the power of oil with Pantene's Pro-V science to: - Nourish your hair by adding a protective layer to shield hair against damage * - Protect against styling and blow-drying damage breakage by up to 95%. One can use this Oil Replacement for many hair conditions. (. This could work wonderfully! I love Pantene products but I have never tried this one before! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Add the coconut oil and almond oil. Thanks for sharing the post. My hair is looking rather dry after straightening so I will have to check this one out! Can we use Pantene Pro V-Oil Replacement on the scalp? Oils are must on my damp hair and sometimes before hair wash. You look so pretty, will definately check this . I love Pantene! How many times a week should one use Pantene Pro V Oil Replacement? Use this product once. When I got to know about Pantene open hair miracle oil replacement, I was exited to experiment with it. Your post is very exceptional and informative, I might have to break down, suffer and give this a try. My hair has been so dry lately! Rub it gently all over your scalp & hair – evenly. Check this product here. 🙂. Sounds easy to use and hassle free. The product claims to be multi purpose – can be used as serums, oil or heat protectant. It nourishes hair, reduces hair fall due to breakage and helps repair damage. Nilam Dodhia 2. Its pro-vitamin formula deeply penetrates, nourishes, and strengthens hair. I will tell you. I have tried that oil-in-cream from Garnier and L’Oreal and I have liked them although they don’t do magic on your hair they are good for me as I hate oiling my hair especially in winters. There is no need to rinse this leave-in conditioner. There are no reported side-effects of this product. ( Log Out /  Pantene brings a solution to end the hassles of oiling – the New, The New Pantene Oil Replacement has Pro-V and goodness of oils; giving you 2X stronger hair hassle-free. Have you tried the product yet? Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement Review Online: Find helpful customer reviews & ratings for Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement at Nykaa. For 80ml of the product retails for Rs 85 which is quite affordable. When I traveled to India I was amazed by how beautiful and healthy hair all the women I’ve met had. My hair is always an issue! Pantene has invented the incredible Oil Replacement to give your hair the multiple benefits of natural oil without the inconvenience. I used the Oil Replacement product on a Monday morning, before leaving for work. Rub a walnut sized amount of Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement on your palms. Pantene is a really good brand. They recommend using before combing, before sun, heat or saltwater exposure. Apply it to damp hair and allow ten minutes to absorb and provide deep nourishment to the hair. Users’ unbiased Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement reviews will help you choose better. We have to deal with tangled hair and split ends, dullness or hair that’s weighed down by product. Pantene oil replacement’s revolutionary formula gives you 2x stronger hair than ordinary hair oil, hassle-free. You can substitute argan or grapeseed oil for the almond oil if you prefer. My hair are driving me crazy ^^ I am always looking for new products, so definitely going to check this one out! It has a creamy texture that blends easily without weighing it down. HDFC Protects Scamsters. Otherwise the tube is very easy to use and is just like the normal tube packaging that we use every day in our facial cle… It also acts as a final touch leaving hair soft and smooth. Buy Pantene Oil Replacement (180 ml) at Oil Replacement’s revolutionary formula gives you 2X stronger hair than ordinary Hair oil, hassle-free. Take just a coin size amount of Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement on your wet palms. No. It helps in de-tangling hair. My hair has become so dry and fizzy lately and I just can’t find something to calm it down and make it looks sleek and Pantene’s products are always so affordable. As a heat protectant, apply a decent amount to your damp hair before using styling products. What I disliked about Pantene PRO-V Oil Replacement: It doesn’t live up to its high claims. Yes, this can be sued on colored hair as well. It is available in two sizes and this 80ml bottle is perfect to carry around easily. Will check this out. Check out Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement reviews, ratings, price, benefits, how to use process & more information here and buy online. I have been using it for 16 years now. It nourishes hair, reduces hair fall due to breakage and helps repair damage. It contains permitted amounts of alcohol and parabens. Pantene has invented the incredible Oil Replacement to give your hair the multiple benefits of natural oil without the inconvenience and hassle. Yes, this can be used as a heat protectant before straightening, blow-drying, or curling. It makes your hair fragrant and tangle-free all day long. For best results, apply this leave-in conditioner before combing and blow drying hair. -Gerome of G&D Blog My family really love this Pantene for our hair care. 100% natural product. My hair has been incredibly dry and I was using an oil mixture, but I’m not so thrilled with it. So to start, Packaging: It makes your hair fragrant and tangle-free all day long. Pour a generous amount of oil replacement into the palm of your hand. IMBB Rating: 4/5, … The product is sustainable and is very beneficial for dry and rough hairs. It is the best substitute for sticky hair oils and hair serums. I made a YouTube video about all pros and cons u can check out before u buy this 24 people found this helpful. Get in touch with me on On: HDFC Bank. Can Pantene Pro V Oil Replacement be used on colored hair? I usually use Bed Head products, but this looks fabulous as well! First time hearing about this product, I like that it is oil based. You can even use it before going out when you have no time to wash your hair or when you simply want oil-free, silky and smooth hair without having to waste your time on washing your hair. I’ve used Pantene in the past, butI had never seen this product before I read your post. Welcome to Soda Pop Love! I have always heard of this product and the goodness it does to hair and i am yet to try it . So today we review a product of Pantene’s, called Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement, in terms of the following parameters: Price: Rs. It comes with a soft scent. The times and tales of a Soda Poppin' life, Please excuse my Kendall Jenner moment. Review of the Day. Affordable price. It is a rich and creamy product – which can be used on both damp and dry hair. Oils are very good for the hair so I would certainly try it out. Pantene Oil Replacement imparts multiple benefits of natural oil and reduces hair fall. Apply from the roots to the tips of your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes. I’ve heard awesome thing about this! I see a lot of oils, but never tried any to help smooth my thick hair. I use it on both damp and dry hair and brush my hair as usual for a shiny, smooth look. It’s nice to hear that there is an option to have the same healthy hair by using Pantene pro V oil replacement. It usually helps to use a medicine dropper to add the oils to the bottle. Rs. And I swear, it was so smooth and hassle-free that it even helped my usual Monday blues. It doesn’t have to be rinsed out? I love it! Comment with your thoughts, I’d love to hear them! ( Log Out /  You may even use it before going to party to keep your tresses manageable and lustrous. 150/- for 180 ml. Love pantene oil replacement and glow, shine and style your hair and look different and fabulous. Rinse off. It will make hair tangle-free and manageable. ( Log Out /  😦 I have sensitive skin and Pantene just kills it. I would love to try it! I hope more people would get to try it and love it as much as I do! The whole process took around 2 minutes. Pantene Oil Replacement can be used as a replacement for various other products for your hair. Pantene has invented the incredible oil replacement to give your hair the multiple benefits of natural oil without the inconvenience. 85/- for 80 ml; Rs. Improves the texture of hair by making them soft. It helps you to get a silky smooth look as well as act as a heat protection. Pantene Pro V Oil replacement not only made life easy but also make me look beautiful. Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement product is packaged in a gold colored tube which looks luxe. Can Pantene Pro V Oil Replacement be used on chemically treated hair? My Experience With Pantene Oil Replacement.