On top of that CSS gives you the list-style-position property. continuing, we'll assume Why would you use a bullet list, if you intended on not using bullets of some description? For example by changing the list-style-type to devanagari the bulleted changes to something 'native' to India and Nepal. Below are the step by step instructions for changing the color, size and symbols of your bullets as well as creating custom PowerPoint bullets with pictures. Learn how create an unordered list without bullets, using CSS. There is another list style property available, list-style-image. Don't feel like you are restrictied to just the default boring bullets, get creative and make your lists stand out! If you want to use an 'oversized' image you will need to make appropriate spacing style changes to the list items. Hi all, I've created some custom bullet point images for a site. As we mentioned before, those bullet point shapes can’t be additionally styled. The free images are pixel perfect to fit your design and available in both png and vector. you're We recommend a max 10px height for your image. You can get the code of your desired or favorite emoticon at Emojipedia.org. Using my PNG I am able to make my bullet point list look like this: When you first create a bullet list in HTML, your browser will assign a padding and margin to both your UL and LI elements. The standard style of bullet point lists is controlled by your theme. Upload an image to your WP media library to use as a bullet image. If you have a question about any of our tutorials, please do email us by clicking or tapping the envelope below. Get free icons of Bullet in iOS, Material, Windows and other design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects. Also, the last character doesn't show up in the fiddle either on Chromium/Ubuntu, but that's besides the point anyway - Josh's answer is the gist of the solution. You can chose one of the default bullet styles by changing the list-style-type property. Values for list-style-position. HTML lists feature bullets or some form of 'icon' for each list item. HTML has two types of lists, order (OL) and unordered (UL). The custom bullets can be used to enhance and personalize your bulleted lists. These instructions work for unordered lists (meaning: bulleted lists, not numbered lists). Firstly you’ll need to create an image ready. The list is a bit too long to cover here. Got it to work all ok. To begin with, let's look at a simple list example. At this point it would be helpful for me to point out that the style of bullet point can be set at
  • level. .list-dash li, .list-bullet li { position: relative; list-style-type: none; /* disc circle(hollow) square none */ text-indent: -2em; } .list-dash li:before { content: '— '; /* em dash */ } .list-bullet li:before { content: '• '; /*copy and paste a bullet from HTML in browser into CSS (not using ASCII codes) */ } But when the text wraps around the images are not remaining the same. There are two ways of setting images for list items: Change bullet point color and shape with css style list bullets tutorial css replace bullet point with icon 1 minute snippet you change bullet point color and shape with css style list bullets tutorial how to design bullets lists in astra. type="circle" – an unfilled circle; type="disc" – a filled circle; type="square" – a filled square cool with our We have CSS rules like: list-style – defines all properties for UL list (each listed below) list-style-position – defines position of bullet (marker) – inside or outside the list; list-style-type – defines if we want to use circle, square etc… list-style-image – that’s what interest us now… So only CSS rule “list-style-image” gives us possibility to define custom style of ul list bullets. As with HTML, you can define an unordered list with a set of basic shapes. This prevents having huge bullet points and keeps things proportionate. It works like setting the background-image style. Please note, we have a zero tolerance policy on SPAM which may involve your address or certain key words being banned at server level. Another application which is commonly used now is to employ an unordered list to create a navigation bar. But as these CSS3 Tutorials assume no prior knowledge, let’s do things one step at a time! Use the url method, passing the url to the image you want as your bullets. It will override any style set in the HTML